Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FREE Kindle Book: Corona

The fabulous MJ Heiser is offering her book for free today in the Kindle store!


Long past the Age of Wonder, several thirty-somethings form an unlikely band of adventurers in the fair land of Jaenrye. Can they keep at bay the seemingly unstoppable power of a creature determined to destroy the magic they can't bring themselves to believe in?

Tom Strausser is a lonely failed musician with a day job he hates. Rose Smith thinks she could be a best-selling novelist, but can't be bothered to spend time writing. Father Rey Lopez was a rising star in the Catholic church until depravity got the best of him.

All three of these everyday nobodies are pulled from the world they know and are forced to find out what they're really made of, confronting their own cowardice, malice, and complacency. Will they rise to the challenge, despite themselves?  


Go download it now while it's still free! Corona: The Chronicles of Jaenrye

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